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We have blocked 20 rooms at Hotel Current in Long Beach.
When booking use group name: Millikan Reunion 1977
Room with 1 King Bed or room with 2 queen beds.  $124  plus 12.2% tax
Lifestyle Suite $164 plus 12.2 % tax
Price includes free parking, free wi-fi, free continental breakfast buffet
And free shuttle to and from the reunion.

1 comment:

  1. Just Announced
    Millikan Class of 1977
    Friday night gathering
    July 21 @ 5:30.
    Crab Pot
    215 N Marina Dr
    Long Beach 90803

    We will be on the patio
    Beautiful view of the water
    Happy Hour prices

    Mr Roger Johnson. - band director
    Mrs Daly. - dance teacher. If she does not have to work
    Mr Chuck McFarren - activities directly
    Mr Seymour has been invited as well as some the coaches
    We will update as we know which faculty will be there

    If you want to arrive early, we wii be there by 4:30
    Stop by and say hi